Monday, February 18, 2013

Stamps for Sale

Who knew that I had so many retired stamp sets?  (Ok, my hubby swears he did!) I moved into this house almost two years ago and I just now got around to finishing the unpacking of my stamp room. I found TONS (and yes I think I mean that literally) of retired stamps that I didn't even remember having. This is just the first batch.

I figured I might as well see them go to a new home.

These sets are only $3.00 each (not including shipping).

Why so cheap you ask? Well, in my infinite wisdom and my desire to save space back in Germany, I unmounted these myself and added the sticky cling to the back of the stamps. They still stamp great, but they aren't in the original cases or on the wood blocks. So, if you can find room in your heart (and possibly in your home) for one of these oldies but goodies I would appreciate it. Just send me a message with the stamp sets you would like and your address, I'll reply with the shipping costs. I ship priority mail, so it just depends on how big a box you will need. These should be cheap and easy to ship wood blocks or bulky stamp boxes!

Besides, hubby said no more NEW stamps until I get rid of the please, help a girl out here. My wish list is still a mile long!

To see a  picture of the stamp sets, click on the stamp title listed below. Remember, these are not pictures of the actual stamp set you are buying. These are only pictures from the web showing the images in the set. The actual set you are purchasing comes in a CD case and is unmounted. If you have any questions, please let me know.....

Oh, and don't worry, there are still tons more to come. All the rest will be either Wood or Clear mounted stamps still in their original cases. So, keep an eye out!

Stamp Name Mounted               Cost
Botanical Blooms U $3.00
Cute and Curly U $3.00
Dream a Little U $3.00
Elegant Cheer U $3.00
Elegant Notes U $3.00
Elegant Thanks/Flower in Sihouette U $3.00
Fall Flair U $3.00
Farm Fever U
God's Beauty U $3.00
Holidays and Wishes U $3.00
Independence Day U $3.00
It’s a Loop Thing U $3.00
It's All Good U $3.00
Live like you Mean It U $3.00
Occasion Collection U $3.00
Older and Wiser U $3.00
One Smart Cookie U $3.00
Punches Three U $3.00
Seasonal Icon U $3.00
Soft Summer U $3.00
Spring Pictograms U $3.00
Spring Solitude U $3.00
StarStruck U $3.00
Sweet Dreams U $3.00
Sweet Serendipity U $3.00
Taggers Dozen U $3.00
That’s Funny U $3.00
Thoroughly Thankful U $3.00
Window Dressing U $3.00
Wishing You Cheer U
Yummy U $3.00

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