Monday, February 4, 2013

Surprised to hear from me?

I know, I've been gone a LOOONG time. But, I was still managing to stamp, just not as often, and definately didn't have time to post. So, if you don't mind viewing some older projects (hey, maybe they will give you ideas for next year!) I'll show you what I've been up to. I figured the best thing to do would be to start from the most current and work my way here goes nothing......

I recently bought a new car. While my old car was just fine, it was about to run out of warrenty. I never like to drive a car that I have to pay to fix if something goes wrong, so it was time to trade it in. I have been looking at the cute little Fiat 500s. How can you not find them adorable? Anyway, once consumer reports gave them their stamp of approval I knew it was going to be the car for me.

As usual though, I couldn't make things easy. I decided I had to have a specific color and make. Wouldn't you know it, the color I had to have retired in December. So, my dealer went out of his way to track down the car that I wanted. He finally found it in Virginia of all places. So, finally,if the weather cooperates, my car should be here and the keys should be in my hands TODAY.

Since my dealer went out of his way to find my car, I thought I should make him a thank you card. I did a little blog stalking and found this cute card here. I thought, with a minor upgrade, it would be perfect for my card as well.

So, without any further chit chat, here is my Fiat Thank You Card.


  1. Fabulous to see you back here...darling card! Hope to see you a bit more often!

  2. Love the card! Glad you're back and sending us blog finds of the day!


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