Monday, April 19, 2010

Retiring Purple Thank You

Yes, I admit it, this is probably one of the only times I've ever used Lavender Lace or Lovely Lilac. I don't know why I have to have all the colors, and then find some I hardly ever use!! Oh well, I'm glad SU! has taken the time to give us a brand new updated color renovation!! But, while I'm waiting for the new colors to arrive, I thought I would give some of my less favorite ones a chance to be featured. I had to make several thank you's to go with my surprise gifts I showed you a little while ago (No I can't tell you yet, but I will soon!). I figured this was as good a time as any to let the light purples take center stage. This uses Upsy Daisy and Baroque Motives. I hope they like the cards as much as the gifts.


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  2. I like the purples here. I actually do use them, but I am way more excited about the new color line up than I am sad about the retiring colors.

    I like the way you used a couple different purples together for a semi-monochromatic look. Classy.


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