Monday, December 27, 2010

Jay had a Punch Art Halo Christmas

Jay's newest love is video a matter of fact, he is enthralled with the HALO video game series. I admit it, I'm probably a bad mom cause I let him play with his dad. (Santa even brought him an XBox so he could play). While I'm not condoning the violence, I thought Halo was a better option than Call of Duty that he kept asking Santa for, so I caved. Anyway, I couldn't find anything HALO online as far as punch art goes, so I had to create my own. If any of you have HALO fans in your house, I thought maybe you might be interested in how I made Master Chief out of SU! punches, so I've included the punches needed.


  1. Kelly
    As my Halo addicted son would say..... this is TRULY AWESOME...... this will be cased for sure on his next Birthday card!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Awesome!! I have 2 HALO fans and they will love getting a card like this. Awesome job!!


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