Friday, May 24, 2013

My Baby Girl is growing up...

Ok, she is definately not a baby anymore....she's taller than I am by two inches at least! But she is graduating from Eighth Grade today. She has grown up into such a great young lady, and I'm very proud of her!
Luckily I made this graduation card at a downline meeting a month or so ago. I never thought I would need a graduation stamp this early. We didn't graduate from Jr. High when I was a kid. I don't even think we had Kindergarten graduation.....but these kids sure do spend a lot of time in a graduation procession. Anyway, back to the card.

I loved the colors. Unfortunately they aren't the school colors....but hey, a get some creative license correct? I hope she enjoys it. I have another project in the works for her as well.....but you will have to wait until after graduation to get a glimpse at it. She and her best friend stalk my facebook and I don't want them to see it before it's time!

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