Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Since we were talking about Valentine's Day.....

Why not skip ahead a few holidays and I'll show you what I made for my kids. I always get my children something for Valentine's (usually my job is the candy and Dad gets the gift (a t-shirt, a stuffed animal, something small). This year I decided that I might as well make something cute to put the candy in, so Voila! here are my Rubik's Cube inspired Valentine boxes. Can you tell I'm an 80's kid? The scary thing is, my kids had no idea what they were suppose to be. I had to google pictures so they didn't think I was nuts, that we really did play with a puzzle block when I was a kid.....and NO, it did not use batteries or make any noise if you solved it! (considering the only way I ever solved it was by peeling off the stickers, don't think it could have made noise even if it did have batteries!).

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