Monday, March 17, 2014

Valentine Pencil Boxes for School

Ok, last Valentine post of this year (yes, I know Valentine's Day was over a month ago....what about me not being a good blogger don't you get?!!!!). Jay wanted to give Valentine pencils this year instead of candy, so we found some really cute pencils from Oriental Trading Company that said "Hoppy Valentine's Day" and had pictures of frogs on them. Going with the theme, I created some punch art Frogs. I found these on the internet, but I can't for the life of me remember where to give proper credit (yet another problem with creating blog post so long after the fact!)

I had to make both a male and female frog, cause no boy is going to want a frog with a bow in her hair. I also had to make two different pencil boxes cause "Mom, I'm not giving the boys in my class a PINK box!". What was a I thinking. To make it even more Boyish....I added the flies to the boy's pencil box. They were so easy to make. I used the small wings from the Bug Me set and a pencil eraser dipped in white ink. I have to admit, I love the way they turned out. I just wish I had taken a picture of them with the sentiment tag and the pencils inside.

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