Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Favorite color, what more inspiration could you need?

My favorite color in the whole world is orange. Don't ask me why, I just know that when I have something important going on in my life (a job interview, a test, a big move) and I need to make myself feel less stressed, I wear orange. It works every time. Orange just makes me happy! But orange isn't a color that I use in my stamping very often. Oh, I bring it out in October and November, but the rest of the year it sits in my paper holder getting dusty. And we have such great oranges too....Pumpkin Pie and Tangerine Tango. So, when I found this card on Glenda Mollet's blog, I had to have it for my inspiration for today. Maybe now, when I get my stuff unpacked I have a reason to break out my oranges anytime of year!

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