Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yes, you read that right...I'm done, finished, finito with stamping.....well at least temporarily. We still don't have our orders, but as most of you know we are suppose to be moving to Scott AFB sometime in late February or early March. Do you realize that is in about 6 weeks?? Anyway, to prepare, we have started sorting and rearranging and purging stuff. This weekend my hubby screwed up his back, so emptying the Attic was out of the question (wimpy movers won't bring the stuff down, we have to do it) so I decided to tackle my stamp room. Thanks to a couple great friends it only took us an afternoon. Now that my stamps and inks and everything else is all packed away I realized that today would have been the perfect day to stamp. Just in case you want to see what my stamp room looks like now......here's a picture. Oh and in case you are wondering....that really tall box on the floor.....Yeah, it has nothing but stamps in it. I might have a slight addiction!

So, what does that mean for this blog? Well I'm not going to be posting as much. I'm hoping every once in a while my downline or my upline or one of my customers will allow me to come play with their stamps, but for the most part I will be inkless until at least April. I will try not to leave you totally inspirationless though. My plan is to pick my favorite Blog Find of the Day and feature it here. Today's find is this adorable robot box from Kim over at Paper Punch Addiction. I'll see you tomorrow with another great inspirational blog find. Oh, and do me a favor will you? Stamp twice as much as normal....that way I can get my stamping in vicariously through you!


  1. Thats funny, my movers were more then happy to do the attic. But they did pack like crap, and broke tons of stuff.
    Nichole Schillereff

  2. Good luck with your move and Happy New Year

    I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Blog finds of the day for 3rd Jan and can't believe how many people took a look. I thought it would have been amazing if they had left comments. So this year I plan to leave comments when I pay a visit.

  3. I'm about 5 hours from St Louis but if you want to come stamp with me while you are waiting for your household goods to arrive, feel free! You might pack a small survival box and mail it to someone near Scott so you will have the basics when you get there. Once those boxes finally arrive it will take days and days to get things unpacked till you can stamp without feeling guilty :~(

  4. Oh Kelly, good luck with the move! I am sorry we don't live near by, I'd LOVE to have you come stamp with me!

  5. thanks Kelly! I just loved making and sharing this little guy with all of my readers. Good luck on the move, who is going to move that 2 ton box of stamps? LOL


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