Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Make N Takes!

For anyone who has been to a Stampin' Up! event, you know that while the techniques, and wows and classes are fun, it's the make n takes that are awesome!

It's almost like being pampered because it's a project I didn't have to prep!

This year was no different. We ended up having two Make N Take projects to complete (well actually we had three, but the third was a surprise to come later). Both projects used the Clockworks set, which I don't have, so it was nice to stamp with something new for me.

The first project was a card. We spritzed and sponged and punched and stamped. I'm sorry the image is so blurry, but as I said, I was using my phone. I'll try and take a better picture to post later, but I wanted to make sure I got all the information onto my blog before time made it fuzzy.

I know you have been reading about Regional for over a week now, but believe it or not I sat and wrote all these entries on the very next day so you could have as much information as I could remember. But, enough about me.....you want to see the Make N Take projects, so here goes.....

The first was a card.......

And the second was my favorite..... a 3D notepad.

By the way, it was during this time that I also got to see Stan Lee (as I mentioned in my first couple posts) so Make N Takes were extra special for me! As soon as Make N Takes finished, we got to see a WOW presentation from a local Demo. Check back tomorrow to see what Melissa Stout from Kokamo, IN had to show us! (BTW, can you believe all this has happened and we still haven't even had lunch!)

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