Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wow Demonstration by Melissa Stout

Another one of the cool things about Regional is the fact that local demonstrators are invited on stage to give us a demonstration of some of the Awesome projects they have made.

This Regional demonstration was presented by Melissa Stout from Kokamo, IN. She showed us how to make some awesome rosettes out of Ribbon and Fabric. While I have seen these posted online, what I hadn't seen was how people were making these things!

First off Melissa said she cut several circles from white felt using the #2 Circle Die on her bigshot. She then pushed the ribbon through the middle and used a hot glue gun to secure it. The next step was to twist the ribbon and wrap it around the felt circle securing it with more hot glue (I love projects using ribbon and fabric that I don't have to sew!).

Melissa showed us a single rosette necklace she had made and then blinged out using Stampin' Up's rhinestones.

She also demonstrated how you could use multiple rosettes to make the currently popular bibb necklaces you can find all over Etsy and Pintrest now days.

You don't just have to use ribbon. You can also use fabric strips, folded in half and twisted the same way to make these pretty rosettes. Here she put them on a headband for a little girl. Isn't it sweet?

To make the leaves, Melissa cut the leaf shapes from one of our canvas sheets and colored them with markers. She attached these two a headband, but of course I blinked and missed taking a picture of the finished project!

I know lots of you out there are hording all your SU! fabric and ribbon. Could you think of a better use than to make some of these great projects?

Come back tomorrow to see what other tidbits local demonstrators shared with those of us in attendance at Regionals.  

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