Friday, April 19, 2013

Whew....I'm exhausted

So, I'm part of the group VC Rocks. This is a group of facebook, blog, and yahoo messages that occurs yearly right before, during, and after convention. Anyway, we are getting ready to get started this year and the first challenge was to clean up your stamping area. This challenge was built for me. I've been procrastinating cleaning and organizing my stamp room forever. Since the challenge was issued, I figured now was as good a time as any.

I started last night and worked for about 2 hours. I wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like then.....unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture until this morning, so here is what my stamp room looked like after two hours of cleaning.....

And here is what it looks like now.....

I'm still not done...but it's getting better. Now I think I may have to take a nap! 

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  1. Wow - looks great! I'm surprised you could even find the stamp sets I bought from you. lol I always feel energized when I clean/organize my crafting space, which is 2 large rooms upstairs. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing the completed project so don't stop now. Hugs!!


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