Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Stepped up Card by Carrie Cudney

This final card was pretty cool as well (honestly, has anything Carrie showed us not been cool?).

In the original, Carrie used this cute little umbrella stamp and stuck a punched flower on it to add a pop of color. It's layered on a plain card stock base. While I don't think this is difficult, it's great for an express workshop or for those customers who have never gotten their fingers inky before.....but as usual, It was improved upon!

Bonnie Thurber, our host for the day, couldn't miss an opportunity to stamp, so next Carrie showed us a card Bonnie did where she used a marker to draw rain drops on the card and then spritzed them with water to make the colors run. 

Not to be out done, Carrie took it one step further. She showed us how to make our own Rainbow! First she took a piece of watercolor paper and colored all the colors of the rainbow in chunks across the top. You need to make the color dark, because you need a lot of ink for this technique. 

Once you have the lines colored, you want to use an aquapainter to blur the bottom so you don't have a hard line at the bottom of your colored section. Then using a spritzer bottle, saturate the watercolor paper so the colors run. You will want to hold the paper up so the water drips down the paper and doesn't mingle to the side with the other color. 

Finally, once the paper dries, you can stamp your umbrella image on top of the watercolor paper. To make this image pop a bit more, it was stamped on whisper white cardstock and then cut out and stuck to the card front. 

Nothing makes a rainstorm better than a rainbow...and I think the same holds true for this card!

Well, that was all Carrie had to share with us for this regional, but I learned a lot! I couldn't wait to get back to my stamp room and start stamping. Luckily there was so much more to see and do! Check back tomorrow to see what the rest of regional had in store. 


  1. Kelly, do I have to have watercolor paper or can I do it on whisper white cardstock?

  2. All the demonstrations did it with watercolor paper, but it might work with whisper white. The only way to find out would be to give it a try. I'm not sure the colors would run as well. You might want to try it out on Glossy paper so the paper doesn't absorb the marker as much.


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