Friday, February 5, 2010

Final Calendar Page and Random pics from the Boat

This last page I have to finish. My sideline who made it let us decide which stamp set we want to use to decorate it. I think I will use it for December and use my Big on Christmas stamp set. I love the little pull out journaling tags on the side though. That is one of the things I rarely do....write. Even my greeting cards get sent out without a signature. If anything I put a sticky note inside and sign that. I hate the thought of signing my card and then not being able to use it again! I know....crazy huh?
Our Cruise lasted 9 days, so of course we had some time when we were just on the ship. These are some of the highlights.

My wonderful hubby is not a dancer, so when we managed to get him signed up for a "Dancing with the Stars" competition...he of course was mortified. Luckily I was able to get a couple of pictures so we can prove that he actually did it. He didn't win, but he wasn't the first to be eliminated either. Maybe now I can get him to dance with me once in a while!

We had gone a cruise before with another cruise line and they left these cute little towel animals on our bed each night. When I mentioned it to my cabin steward, he said basically "Anything they can do we can do better". The next night this little pup (wearing my sunglasses) was sitting on my bed.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly already know that this trip was for my anniversary. Somehow the crew on the ship found out and we were given this cake (which was super yummy I might add!).

We also got all decked out for our anniversary dinner and ate at the little French Bistro on the ship.

I think though, the absolute best part of the cruise was being out on the ocean. As a girl who grew up in Ohio, just being on the ocean is a treat enough. The sunsets and sunrises were unbelievable. If my husband can promise me a house on the coast and scenery like this, maybe moving to Maine when he retires won't be so bad after all.

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