Tuesday, February 2, 2010

March Page and Las Palma, Gran Canerie

This page is just so cute. I love the little punch art pot of gold. Punch art is such a life saver. I can't tell you how many times I didn't have a specific stamp for a holiday or event, and I was able to create something with punches to use instead. With all the punches SU! offers, you can make just about anything!

The next stop on our cruise was Las Palma, Gran Canerie. It was 80 degrees here and so beautiful. We didn't take an excursion this day, just went and hung out on the beach. I never thought I was a prude, but these beaches were topless. I was always afraid my husband would act like a typical American in this type of situation...you know gawking, snapping pictures etc. But he was so good, I had to ask if he had even noticed! I on the other hand was the one totally taken aback. And yes, I admit it, while I won't show them here, I did take a few pictures just to prove it to my friends back home!


  1. Love your pictures!! looks great

  2. LOVE the punch art! I'd love to know what punches you used, if you wouldn't mind? The page turned out great!

    - Elizabeth


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