Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For One of the Bravest People I know

One of my dear friends has made a really hard decision. Due to the economy, she has decided to help her family out by going to Iraq for a year to work in the post office. As if that wasn't brave enough, she has to leave her 6 year old daughter behind to do it. We had her going away party a few days ago, and I thought that she might need something to send home to her daughter. My Upline Sara and I got together and put together a gift of cards that she can send home. They might not all be current, but they were all put together with her in mind. I'll show you a few a day for the next few days. I would hate for you to get burned out (ok,ok, the truth is I'm afraid to post them all at once or I won't have made anything new for my blog :) ). These three cards were all made by Sara, I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. love the circle circus card! the colors are great!



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