Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stampers Block Be Gone!

Now can you guess what actually worked to break my stamping block? That's right! I've been asked to be a guest designer again on Ustamp with Dawn and Friends Spring Soiree!!! This is going to be awesome. All Spring and Easter projects. After this horrible winter of nothing but SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! I think we all need a little bit to "think Spring". I also want to announce that joining me for USTAMP will be Tammy Howell. She is the winner of my stampers block Blog Candy....A FREE membership to USTAMP Spring Soiree! Tammy said
"I just had some block recently. I was so overwhelmed with work and life that I had lost the joy of stamping. I dreaded preparing for classes and just didn't enjoy it. I stopped and thought about when I first started stamping and how amazed I was when I made some of my first simple cards. I was so excited. I just picked up a Stampin' Success magazine and browsed through it finding a simple card and recreated one of my own. I was so excited to make a card just to make a card, not for a class or for my blog or for a challenge. It was just fun to stamp and I am still enjoying it! I love the challenges and the inspiration I get on the group and other's wonderful blogs."

Tammy, I took your advise and just stamped for the pure joy of stamping. I stopped looking at what I "HAD" to do, and just did what I WANTED to!!! It turned out to be one of my favorite cards ever. I liked it so much, that I turned it into my project for USTAMP's Spring Soiree. Want to see what I made? Then join Tammy and I at USTAMP! Spring Soiree begins March 19th and runs until April 16th. I can promise you, for that month, there will be no stamping block!!! The projects are amazing, and you won't be disappointed.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments you left on my blog. I know I had several emails from others that were suffering just like I was. And not only did you manage to unblock me, but you all helped several others. This is what the stamping community is all about!


  1. I am so pleased to find out what got you out of your "block"! Great news - enjoy! Carole x

  2. Wow! Thanks for choosing me as the winner. I did the UStamp Holiday one and loved it. I can't wait to get the wonderful ideas and projects from the Spring one. I have a harder time coming up with projects for Spring so this will be perfect! Thanks for being so generous.
    I agree with the other comments helping. I read them all and got lots of great ideas when I have that block again.

    Thanks Kelly! Please let me know what I need to do to claim the prize. Can't wait!


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