Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you sick of Christmas Yet?

No? Good cause neither am I! It's a good thing too since I still have so much to do to get ready for the craft fair in a few short weeks. Unfortunately, I think this Santa might be a little sick, or maybe he had too much egg nog! I decided to make some Hershey Bar wrappers, and for some reason, I kept coming back to punch art. DawnGriffith had made a similar wrapper, but it was for smaller candy bars. Not only did I increase the size, but I also used some of our HUGE new punches!
The first one I made made Santa look I added the eye lids to him and now he just looks sleepy. Either way, a good friend assured me that he was cute. I guess we will find out in November if anyone else shares our taste!


  1. These guys are hysterical! You should sell a lot of them.

  2. Hi! You gave me my morning laugh ! ie.. stoned Santa here in WV we would say like a deer in head lights and the second one after a night of "coon" (raccoon) hunting I think they are both too cute you could say One is when he sees the list and the other after delivery! I love them Thanks for sharing.


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