Wednesday, October 27, 2010

At the risk of looking Crazy....

I decided to show you the rest of the necklaces I have made. I didn't do it alone, the Cadette Girl Scout Troop that I lead helped make at least half of these. They were a part of earning their Just Jewelry badge, and all necklaces they made which are sold during the craft fair will benefit the troop. But yes, I got a bit obsessed, I was dumping out bottles of things (ok I admit it, American Beer) just to get the bottle caps! Hey, I'm in Germany...It's not like anyone around here is going to drink it! (Do all addicts rationalize like this??)


  1. Yes, all addicts rationalize. While I'll agree with the dumping of beer, no need to pour money down the drain (pun intended). Plus, you can get them in nifty colors! Enjoy and happy stampin!!!

  2. you bet we all rationalize like that. For me it's, I gotta buy it now cuz I might need it in the future and it won't be available.....LOL

  3. love making these. Yours are so cute.


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