Monday, October 25, 2010

Even more skinny treats!

Ok, I warned you that I got a bit carried away. I showed you the wreaths a few weeks ago, but since I got into the skinny treat spirit, I made Christmas trees, Snowflakes, and wreaths...I also have some Polar Bears, but I'm waiting on my mom to send me some York Peppermint bites (the color matches better than the blue M&Ms). Please if you are local, come out and see what all we have to offer at the Craft Fair on Nov. 13. And, if your interested, keep checking back here and on my friend Sara's blog to see what other projects we will have available. Hope to see you there!


  1. Cute project Kelly. I also wanted to say thanks so much for the blog finds, I really enjoy them. Also, a big congrats and well done on your fantastic weight loss. I notice you're now over the half way mark - keep up the great work, I admire your effort.

  2. Very cute Kelly, thanks for sharing.
    And thank you for the blog finds, I really enjoy them.

  3. Kelly, such cute treats! Can you tell me where you found the wrappers please?




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