Monday, July 30, 2012

Proud Mama!

Last week, Jay, my eight year old, asked if he could stamp with me. Nothing makes me happier than having one of my kids want to spend time with me, and with the added bonus of doing something I love to do.....well I couldn't ask for anything better. His reason for wanting to stamp was to make a card for his Dad's birthday. As I mentioned yesterday, Matt's birthday fell on Band night. What I didn't mention yesterday was that the name of the band is Armor Piercing Zombie (Don't ask me why....must be a guy thing). Anyway, Jay really wanted to make a Zombie card, but I had no zombie stamps (SU! is this something you can put in the next catalog? :) ). I did have the Make a Monster set, so he decided that was close enough. He used the clear blocks and lined up everything himself. Like I said, I'm a pretty proud Mom. Now I just have to teach him layering :) So, without further is my favorite son, and his card.


  1. Please tell Jay.. his card is AWESOME!!! My son won't stamp with me, but he often gives me design layouts. He likes to draw and make other craft items, like duct tape wallets, belts, etc. =)


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