Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Single Stamp

The Sunshine stamp is another one of our new single stamps. Yet another one that I had to buy. I wasn't as crazy about the image as I was about the Ears for You stamp, but this one has sentimental value.

My dad sings the song "You are my Sunshine", he knows all the words! (Did you know there is more than one verse?). Anyway, he taught the song to my daughter when she was about two and it has been a special thing in our house ever since (she is now 14. Where does time go?).

I'm not extremely happy about the turn out of this card. But, I couldn't get the colors out of my head, so I figured I would put it on paper and see how it looked. I'll definately be using this stamp again, but I think I may go with different colors. Maybe some pastels next time.

You tell me, what color combination does this stamp say to you?

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