Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fake Washi Tape

This next project was my favorite one from the entire Regional. I couldn't wait to get home to give it a try myself.

First Carrie showed us a simple Make N Take.

This is just one of our pre-folded notecards and envelopes with some of our gorgeous DSP. Carrie used the Print Poetry from the Spring Mini (which I had never seen, but thanks to an amazing Prize Patrol, I now own!). She just cut a strip and stuck it  to the card and then stamped the sentiment  using Basic Black ink. One of cute little buttons finished off the look.

Personally I liked the card just as it was, a perfect make n take for an Express workshop, but of course Carrie had to show us one better. 

As you know, just last week, Stampin Up! introduced our new This and That line. Included in the line are three colors of Washi Tape. Personally I had never played with the stuff, but others at Regional were just raving about how easy it was to use to stick pictures or momentos into a scrapbook without all the fuss adding those can take. I'm excited to get my hands on some to play with, but haven't placed my order yet. Luckily Carrie had a solution for me. 

As I mentioned our Washi tape comes in three patterns that coordinate with our This N That line.

Carrie of course had to show us a stepped up version of this card using it. 

But what if I liked the DSP she used first? And what  if Washi tape is so great and I like it so much I want to use it with all our DSP lines? Well of course Carrie had the answer! You can make Washi tape out of any DSP! All it takes is a little scotch tape (yep the same stuff you use to stick notes to your fridge and wrap presents) a sponge and some water. 

Step number one.....cut a thin strip of DSP and cover it with scotch tape. Then flip it over to the side you don't want, and use a sponge and water rub off the opposite side of the DSP. 

In this example, the stripes are what was covered with the tape and the dark blue was the opposite side of the DSP. As you can see, after rubbing with water and a sponge all the blue will come off and leave you with a slightly translucent version of only the striped paper. This is so cool!

Once Carrie had done this to several pieces and allowed them to dry she put them on the front of the card and then stamped the sentiment directly on top. 

If I thought I liked the card before, it's nothing like now. I absolutely love this! Time to go buy some more Scotch Tape!


  1. Thanks for posting this Kelly However I am not sure how this works. Are you sponging off on the sticky side?

  2. Kim,

    You place the tape on the top of the side of the paper you want to show....then you flip it over and sponge off the "wrong" side of the paper. This removes the back design of the DSP. Give it a really works.


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