Monday, March 25, 2013

Stampin Up, Spiderman and The Hulk!

One of the things that made this Regional so special, was the interesting convention going on next door. We were lucky enough to have Comic Con in St. Louis for the first time happening at the same time as the Regional. While this was entertaining with all the costumed fans heading into the conference room next door, it also became one of my highlights.

First Andrea Withers from home office made a funny joke for those of us priviledged to be both Stampers and Nerds.....Lou Ferigno, aka the Incredible Hulk, was next door. We shared a wall with Comic Con, and Andrea kept saying she expected Lou Ferigno to come through the wall and yell "Hulk Stamp!" While it's possible that many in the crowd didn't appreciate or "get" her humor, I personally thought it was hilarious!

But the most awesome thing that happened during this strange mix of Comic Con and Stamping Up! was a fluke. I was heading out for a break during our Make N Take session, and who should I see being escorted through the building? None other than the great Stan the Man Lee! Of course my camera was back on the table in the stamping room, but it sure was amazing. The first thing I did was call my nine year old son and my husband to let them know that I actually saw "Spiderman's Dad"! Needless to say they were both pretty jealous. I bet Matt wishes he had signed up to go to the Regional as my guest!



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