Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dapper Dad Card

One thing about Regionals is that you have to be fast. They cram so much information into such a short amount of time, that if you stop to take a drink, or chat with your neighbor, or heaven forbid, go to the ladies room, you might miss something!

That is exactly what happened to me. Carrie first showed the easy make n take, but of course I managed to miss taking a picture of it. It was simply stamped on white card stock and layered onto a card base run through an embossing folder. But you didn't really want to see that did you? What you want to see is the stepped up version of the card. That part I managed to get on film!

Carrie first used our Spritzers to spray a mix of alcohol and re-inkers onto a piece of window sheet. She then laid a piece of white card stock onto the window sheet and rubbed her had over it to get it to absorb the color. This beautiful washed out background is what she got.

 I wish you could see the before and after card, but the difference was amazing! Isn't it beautiful? And it only added a few seconds to the Make N Take project. By adding alcohol to the spritzer instead of water, the background dried almost immediately! She thought these colors reminded her of a golf course. As the daughter of an avid golfer, I will have to admit my Dad will most likely be getting one of these cards for Father's Day!

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