Thursday, August 1, 2013

Living a Creative Life with Carrie Cudney

Saturday after opening session we had three classes we could attend. We got to choose which classes would be best for our individual situation. The first class I attended was taught by Carrie Cudney and was called Living a Creative Life.
 I absolutely loved this quote that Carrie Shared. With this as a definition who wouldn't want to live a creative life?
 There are five keys to living a Creative life.
 By being aware of the need for your creativity you recognize additional opportunities for creativity you may be missing. Being playful puts the focus on the process, not the product you are creating. It allows you to be a little less rigid as you create and allows your individual expression to come through. Being adventurous gives you the license to try new things and being Courageous speaks to sharing your creativity to others. Finally being kind gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with others.

 After we discussed how to live a creative life, Carrie shared with us a new creative undertaking she recently decided to try, mixed media.

She then went on to show us how she created the cute little ghost mixed media canvas.
First she started with a canvas that she used modgepodge to attach some of our DSP to.
 Then she used her fingers to mix some of our reinkers and white paint to spread a bit of color over the canvas.

 Then it was a little more modge podge to attach the ghost on top of the painted canvas.

 Carrie then said it was essential to outline your images with a thick line of some color. She didn't recommend sharpie markers, because they dry so fast you are unable to smudge the lines with your finger. She said a more expensive type of permanent marker would work well. Personally I'm a Sharpie girl, so I'll give those a try first!
 Finally she showed us how you could take the same idea for a mixed media canvas and use it to create cards as well. For those of us card lovers in the audience, we were ecstatic!

Want to learn more about living a Creative Life? The make sure you put Carrie's upcoming webinar on your calendar. It seems as though SU! is going to be offering more of these webinars to demonstrators in the upcoming fall and winter months.

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