Monday, August 5, 2013

Saving the best for Almost Last

My absolute favorite part of convention and regionals is when Bonnie Thurber presents. She is so funny, and so spirited, you just can't help but laugh and get into her presentation. This year we didn't see too much of Bonnie. It was the last day of convention and she hadn't been on stage once. Finally, we were introduced to Bonnie (and her new knee, Clyde.) Bonnie hadn't been around because she had knee replacement surgery and they weren't sure she was going to present. I for one am so glad she was able to make it!

Bonnie's demonstration was to show us how our currently offered products can satisfy our need to scrapbook. I for one know there was a public outcry when the scrapbooking items were removed from this years calendar. Well, as Bonnie was quick to point out, there are lots of options!

First she showed how our journals can make a great alternative to a "regular" scrapbook. Each page had a cute little envelope added for journaling.

 Or how quick and easy scrapbook pages could be created using MDS. The possibilities are endless!

 How about the Season of Style This and That Journal. Bonnie was quick to remind us that scrapbooking is just a way to preserve memories. This journal has a place for everything from gift giving to a calendar to show what we were doing through the entire holiday season!

 For those conventional scrapbookers, the Seasonal Stripes album and 8x8 divided page protectors in the Holiday mini is a perfect place to record your Christmas memories.

 But what about after Christmas? A few well placed stamps and the Seasonal Stripes album can become an any day album. Bonnie also talked about the 365 day journal trend that is going on right now. You no longer have to wait for a special moment to scrapbook, but can journal and scrapbook about your everyday happenings. Keeping track of a whole year sounds great to me, especially since my hubby may very well be missing an entire year of our family's life when he moves to Turkey for the Air Force. I think this album and divided pages are going to be on my next order!

Once again, I have to say that Bonnie's presentation was as wonderful as always. And now that she has Clyde, it can only get better. I look forward to hearing more from her!

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