Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Presentation on Growth by Rich Jutkins

Our final presentation for closing session was given by Rich Jutkins. He is the president of Stamping Up. What Rich had to talk about was how SU! can grow.

Rich was quick to point out that in order for SU to grow we have to expand our customer base. We can not continue to grow without reaching out to not only our experienced stamping customers, but also those new stampers who have yet to get their fingers inky.  Two groups that Rich wants us to focus on are those with crafting experience who don't buy from us, and those with no crafting experience.

He recommended the following steps to finding and reaching those two customer groups.

 To tie in the Associate and Experiment steps we have to take what we have learned while observing and seeing how we can associate Stampin' Up! into what we have learned about these customer groups. Then we have to step outside our comfort zone and experiment to see what will work to bring these new customer groups into the Stampin' Up! business.

Rich said that as a company, we have to make sure the our products are simple, affordable and convenient. We have to be able to maintain the interest of our experienced customers and crafters as well as not scare off the new to crafting masses. If we can balance all of these legs, our business will be sturdy and grow.
These were the summarizing points from Rich's discussion. I believe that SU! is going the correct way to sustain and instigate that new Growth that we so desperately need. While those of us who have been with SU! for years may see change we aren't quite comfortable with, we need to recognize that these changes are not only best for the company, but best for us demos as well.

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