Thursday, August 15, 2013

Now.....what you all have been waiting for......

Convention Boards!

So you thought the LNS projects were amazing? (Well you were right of course!)  Just Wait until you see the amazing samples on the convention boards. These are chosen by the SU! home office to give all us demos some great creative ideas.

The best part? These are selected from millions of cards and project entries sent in and dropped off by demos from all over the world. Talk about creative genius.

Now, I wish I could take credit for taking all these pictures (and the LNS ones I have shown this week) but I can't. With everything that happens at convention, it is almost impossible to get great board pictures. Usually the few minutes we have available in between general sessions and classes find hundreds of Demos crowded around the boards trying to get a good picture (which means without someone's head or elbow in it!). For short little me, this is just impossible.

So, let me give credit where credit is due. One of my new and amazing friends Dawn Walker-Randall not only brought some amazing projects to convention, but she also brought her amazing hubby John. While all the demos were sitting in general session, he finagled his way into the demo resource section of convention and took these awesome pictures.

I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous. I would have loved to see how quiet that humongous room was without 6K chattering demos in it. Anyway, I want to take the opportunity to thank John for doing this not only for his wife, but sharing his pictures with me. John, You ROCK!

Now, on to the boards. There are so many, it is going to take me days to get all these pictures posted. There are 210 pictures of the boards that I am going to share with I figure 20-25 pictures a day should give you plenty of creative ideas, and won't overwhelm you.

Since I normally do blog finds every day too, and I don't want you to miss out on any of these amazing convention boards, I am going to postpone restarting the blog finds until September 1st so you have plenty of time to enjoy these samples.

Now remember, no pushing, no shoving, and no bickering. Everyone can get a close up view thanks to John!

Also, don't forget, to see the full sized picture, just click on the image. It will open up in a new tab.

Ok ladies (and those gentlemen Demo's I was so lucky to meet during convention) ENJOY!

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