Sunday, January 25, 2009

I finally made a scrapbook!

Ok, those of you who know me well, I expect tons of applause for this one. Most of my crafty friends are scrappers. It drives them totally up the wall that I'm not. I even got a pre-made scrapbook for my birthday (in September) and I haven't added any pictures to it yet. So, you all should realize what a HUGE accomplishment this is for me. It all happened because I had Insomnia. I was wide awake at 3 am so I figured what the heck, might as well go stamp. It must have been the lack of sleep, but for once a scrapbook kinda appealed to me. I got this great template from Tammy Mendiola on Sudsol. It originally came from a half-regional in Jackson last year and was presented by Angie Brailsford. It's called 12 pages in 12 minutes. Ok, it was really 12 minutes, but it was pretty fast. It only takes 3 12x12 pieces of cardstock and 1 sheet of DSP. I won't bore you with all the pages at once, So I'll upload a new one every day this week. I will warn you, my husband and I were weird looking when we were younger. We both sat there and laughed about our looks. So, if your gonna comment on the pictures, please me kind!

First up, the cover. The original template calls for 6x6 page protectors. I didn't happen to have any, so I used my new favorite toy: the bind-it-all. My mom bought it for me for Christmas! Anyway the front is 6 3/4" x 6 3/4". I used the Best Friends Alphabet and Numbers for the entire book. The numbers and letters fit perfectly in the 1" punch. My favorite part about the cover is the Love you Much heart. It's stamped in Always Artichoke. Then I used the Tombow Multi-purpose glue to glue microbeads on to the flowers. It looks so cool in person! So.....what do you think of my first try at Scrapbooking so far?

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  1. Kelly,
    Congrats on getting started on a scrapbooking! Great start. Darling cover. I'll check back to see the inside. You just keep adding posts - lots of work going on!


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