Friday, January 30, 2009

What the heck! I don't remember being Goth!

Ok, I wasn't a goth. This was from Halloween. I'm not sure what I was exactly. I just remember I didn't have a costume and had to borrow this from a friend. Matt of course was dressed as a Borg. Any Trekkies out there? He actually made his costume from cardboard, old computer parts, a pen light, and a broken beer tap. Those Borg sure know how to party! Once again I used buttons and one of the heart punches to accent the page. I didn't do much to the 2003 page because the picture was so calm and relaxed I thought the page should be too. I've been accused of sometimes putting too much "stuff" on my cards, so I figured it also went for scrapbook pages. Just like on Project Runway, you have to know when Less is More!

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