Saturday, January 17, 2009

My two addictions: one had to go!

Have you ever been addicted to something, something that you just had to have in order to survive? For some people it's diet coke, for some people it's chocolate, for me it has been smoking and stamping. Yes, I know, smoking is bad for you. It hurts your lungs, it raises your blood pressure, it makes your breath stink, but it is so, so hard to quit! Stamping on the other hand relaxes me. It allows me to be creative, share my talent with others, and bring a little income into my house (Ok, not really, I spend way more than I make, but the possibility is there!). All in all not too bad. There are much worse things to be addicted to. I was ok with my addictions.

Fast forward to January first. Why is it that we feel we must do things better or live healthier every time a new year rolls in? Well, I'm no different. I got caught up in the resolution fever that sweeps the nation right after Christmas. Was I going to give up smoking? Of course not! I was going to better control my stamping addiction. I was going to limit the amount I was spending on stamping supplies.

I made my resolution. It stated that I wouldn't spend more than what I made from Stampin' Up! That would be a big change for me, considering last year I spent over $3,000. Keep in mind, when I made this resolution, I had never had a Stampin' Up! workshop or class. I was pretty much my only customer! This was an extreme step for me. Could I survive the challenge? Would I live up to my resolution?

With the new catalog coming out in January, and my wish list close to $1000, I knew I was in trouble. Then I realized I hadn't even ordered my retiring accessories
(there were tons of those I had to have!). Friends, I hate to say it, but I fell off the bandwagon. How long did I last? Only until January 11th.

I felt like such a failure! All of my friends were still staying committed to their resolutions, I had to do something. So, I took on my second addiction. I figured that if I gave that up, I could free up some more money for stamping! So, as of January 16, 2009 I am smoke free. Hopefully this resolution will last more than eleven days!

This blog has come out of that new resolution. Now that I am not smoking, I need something to do to keep my hands busy. Weekdays are fine, when I'm at work I stay extremely busy. But weekends...that's a whole other story! In order to better occupy my time, I've decided to start this blog. It will be updated at least once a week during the weekend. Hopefully it will include pictures and maybe eventually tutorials of the projects I make during my time off from work that week. I'm also hoping to include information about classes and workshops and other Stampin' Up! information. Wait! That is starting to sound like another resolution, and we all know how good I am at those! I better stop while I am ahead.


  1. Kelly, I want to wish you well with your new venture. I know its hard. My husband tried to quit several times with no avail. I lov your blog. I started a blog this month also and I was wondering how did ou get your header like you wanted it? Mine is still like the layout. Please take a look at

  2. Kelly, you go girl! You have a great start on your blog and you can survive without smoking. I quit smoking 2 years ago and am the last person I thought would ever be able to quit. But it is do-able and I am so glad I made the choice. I also love spending my money on Stampin' Up! stuff rather than cigarettes. Good luck girl friend - You can do it!! Catherine Steele, Pinetop, AZ

  3. Don't feel bad about falling off the wagon, most resolutions only make it to the 13th of the month.
    Although I would make stamping your reward and quit smoking. I quit more than 20 years ago. It wasn't easy, but you will feel much better afterwards. And you will have a lot of energy to put into your new stmaping business.
    Your blog is lovely and so are your creations posted, you are off to a great start

  4. Your blog turned out very nice! You will have a lot of fun doing it. I like your scrap book page and card candy very much! Great job!

  5. Kelly, great job on the blog, and beautiful projects. I love the progressive page layout.

    Good for you for quitting. Stick to it. My aunt died from emphysema (caused by smoking) in 1991 and I quit smoking the day of her funeral. I know it's hard but you can do it!
    Keep blogging about your progress- it will be easier for you to have us supporting you!
    Good luck & best wishes for a healthier new year.
    p.s. Gwynne is right- you will probably feel lousy for a couple of weeks while your body detoxes, but you will feel SO much better afterward!

  6. Good on you for quitting smoking! Love your card candy - I think that's a great idea. I hope we get the Big Shot with our new catalogue - I'm in New Zealand.

  7. Kelly, You may want to check your blog to see if you can schedule your posts. I normally do about five posts at a time and just have them scheduled for different days. That way only one card pops up on mon, one on tues, one on wed etc. That way you have something posting even thought you did them all the same day. You can check out my blog at
    Keep up the good work. Paula

  8. Good luck on your new resolution! I have never smoked, but my mother did and it took a heart attack many years ago to get her to stop completely. She is still smoke-free (at least 10 yrs., but the health issues as a result of waiting so long to quit are still there. So I am praying that you stay smoke-free NOW! The sooner you stop completely the better and what a great reward - STAMPS! Maybe set up a reward system for yourself - say you get to spend $X for each week you are smoke-free and cash in each month - that might even help control the spending and help you keep the very first resolution you made or at least do better than last year. Good luck again. And keep up the blog, I will definitely be checking back in.


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