Thursday, January 29, 2009

Or is this year the start of the new millenium??

Remember that whole argument. Which year was truly the turn of the century? Did you really care? I figured you were starting to get tired of looking at me, so I am posting two pages at a time to get this over with! I added some chocolate chip stitched ribbon to 2001 and then attached the year circles to it. I think 2002 is one of my favorite pages. I love the little felt flowers in between the numbers of the year. I had to stick these on with dimensionals instead of brads because I didn't want the brads showing through on the other side. That is the only problem with scrapping both sides of a page. I learned you have to be careful about placement and the order in which you put things. Well, I know you are just dying to find out what my hair looked like in 2003 and 2004, so check back tomorrow!

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