Thursday, January 14, 2010

Featuring my Sideline Emily

Remember how I told you it was so crappy last weekend and a couple of my friends came over to stamp all weekend.....well one of them was my Side Line Emily. She made a desktop calendar and a Cut out Tin for her mom as well as a couple more tins. I think they turned out superbly and I told her I would feature them on my blog. If you want to let her know what a great job she did.....leave her a comment. I'll be happy to share them with her.


  1. These are so cute. I love the different shapes with the tins.

  2. adorable. how is she cutting out the shape on the tin?? is there a blog or someplace this was featured?

  3. I LOVE all of Side Line Emily's Items!!LOVE the Tins, and that Desktop is AWESOME!!!Great Job!!

  4. Tell your sideline these are awesome. Did she punch the Altoids tins? They look like they are punched. Love this idea.
    Angel hugs'


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