Tuesday, January 5, 2010

K.O.W. Project for my 5-10 yr olds

Since I showed you the project my 11-16 yr olds will be making during the K.O.W. (Kids Only Workshop) in February earlier this week, I thought I would show you what my younger group will be making as well. This group of kids is absolutely enthralled with punches. Especially my son. If he can punch it out, it's a perfect day. So, to create their valentines, I focused almost entirely on punches. My plan is to provide a square punch and a ton of black paper as well as millions of hearts from the BRAND NEW SMALL HEART punch and let them go to town. This is what I managed to come up with, but I'm sure they will be much more creative. Why is it that some of my best ideas come from kids? Also, to round out this class, they will get to put together at least one of the Robot Valentine's from the BRAND NEW LOVE BOTS. Aren't these absolutely adorable? They are only $9.95 for 30, you can choose either boy or girl. Better hurry though, they are only around until supplies run out. These would be perfect for class Valentines for your kids, or even your co-workers. Order yours today!

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