Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Treats for Jay's Kindergarten Class

If I haven't mentioned it before, making treats for Valentine's Day is a tradition that Katie and I started when she was in Pre-K. I was a stay at home mom, she was my only child, and it seemed like a great idea to create homemade Valentine's for her to give out. We always did it together and it was always interesting. Well, a word from the wise....don't start something with your first born that you don't plan on continuing until your youngest goes to college. No amount of whining or crying (on my part!) can get me out of this tradition. So, Jay and I sat down to come up with something he could help with. I saw this cute little stamp set, Whoo's your Valentine, way back when the new catalog came out, and I thought this would be perfect. He wraps the DSP around the stick of gum, and I color and cut out the choo choo train. I will say that I wouldn't want to make 50 of these, but for a class of 16 they are perfect! Now hopefully the other mothers from his class don't call to yell at me for giving their 5 year olds chewing gum :)


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