Friday, January 1, 2010

USTAMP Winner Announced!!!

Denise Thomas, Come on Down!!! Ok, am I showing my age by using a Price is Right phrase? Oh well, Denise congratulations! You will be getting an email from Dawn Raspas of Ustamp letting you know how to log in to Ustamp with Love! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful projects. And remember, for those of you who didn't win.....Ustamp is one of the largest pool of creative people I've ever been involved in. Take a chance and come see what Ustamp is all about!


  1. Yeah! I got my links to work just like yours! woohoo. I copied your links and photos. Hope u dont mind. Thanks.

    PS. What is the diff between the feedburner subscription on your blog and just "following"? Do you not have followers?

  2. OK - I found the following part. Sorry.


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