Thursday, August 19, 2010

Christmas Cards going Downrange

Not all the Christmas cards I have been making lately have been to sell. One of my good friends, Janet, asked me to help her put together 45 Christmas cards for her husband's unit who is stationed in Afghanistan. Of course I said yes! We did use some retired colors and stamps, but I'm sure the guys (and three girls) who will be receiving these won't mind. I do have to give Janet all the credit on stringing the little doodads on the side. I was present when she was doing it, and I heard her complain...It wasn't an easy task let me tell you. I do think they turned out wonderful, and it will mean so much to these soldiers that someone back home was thinking of them at Christmas time.


  1. These are awesome. Boy do I miss Mr. Twigster! The troops will love them. Thank you for making them! I love them all.

  2. I love these cards! I know the troops will like them! Simply Beautiful!


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