Thursday, August 12, 2010

My new Bag.....and an Extra!

Ok, I don't sew....I mean, I don't even have a sewing machine here in Germany with me (I do have one...but I left it in storage when we left the states). My mom tried to teach me how to sew, but no matter what she did, I always ended up messing up her machine.....the tension would break, the bobbin would tangle, the needle would fly off, something would happen. I think when I finally gave up trying to learn, My mother was relieved. This is why, when my good friend Janet suggested I come over to her house and learn how to quilt that I thought she might be insane. Even after I explained my childhood issues with the sewing machine she still insisted. So, One day last week, I headed over to her house, Scallop Square Die in tow. Well, I may not be the world's greatest quilter, but I made one of the Scallop Square Rag Bags. I think it turned out so awesome!!! Of course, her 14 yr old daughter had to show me up by making one twice as big as mine....but still. I made this all by myself (ok, Janet may have helped a little ::grin::). So anyway, Tell me what you think? I may not make too many of these myself, but I think Janet will. She already was pulling out scraps trying to figure out who she could make some of these bags for!

Oh, you want to know what I meant about an extra? Well while I was at Janet's I met the man of my dreams. He's absolutely gorgeous and even though I'm already married, I couldn't stand not to bring him home with me. (Ok Matt, I'm only kidding). Janet had a tiny 3lb bundle of joy at her house that her cat's were wreaking havoc she needed to find him a new home. He was so cute and loveable that I had to bring him home to see how Charley and Dia liked him. Well, so far so good, so I want you to meet the new man in my life.......TWITCHY!!!!

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  1. Looks like Twitchy might fit in the bag - although I can't tell the true size of either.


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