Friday, August 6, 2010

Funky Friday Black and White Card

How many times do you get to see our rejects? Well today you get to see mine. This week for the Funky Friday Challenge we were asked to make a Black and White card. I love black and white cards. I have come up with some really great ones (in my humble opinion) Like this, or this, or maybe this........but no....I came up with today's card. Now, I will partially blame it on the fact that I haven't been stamping a ton lately. And I did have an Operation (yes, it was almost a month ago, but what good is having one if you can't milk it for all it's worth!) so maybe I can use that as an excuse. Anyway, since I don't really have enough time to work on another are stuck looking at this. Sorry, and I promise that I will do much better next week!


  1. I like it looks like a winter scene.

  2. I like it actually! I need to try this technique.
    Hope you are over the op soon!


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