Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Library Card

This card was so pretty when Jan did it.....I'm not sure I'm as impressed with my attempt. I just haven't quite gotten down how to watercolor (and you would think after making 50 of those watercolored Christmas cards this past winter I would be a pro!). Oh well, I do love the stamp set. I can't remember if I have this one or not. I tell you, when I finally get my stuff and unpack it will be like Christmas all over again!

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  1. Hi Kelly!

    So glad that you enjoyed the library class last are more than welcome to come anytime! I just wanted to make sure you know that this idea was "stamplifted" from Connie Babbert of Dublin, OH. It's been a while since I did this card so can't remember for sure so it may be more of "an adaptation" than an out and out case but the focal point was definitely inspired by Connie. Just so you don't go thinking I have gotta original or anything! ;-)


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