Saturday, March 5, 2011

We've arrived, and a Stampy Surprise!

Yes folks, that's right. We are finally in Illinois. After much trial and tribulation we are getting settled in to the new location, new house, and even a new car. It's been a rough few days, but thanks to my wonderful parents, we have managed to acclimate quite well. Everyone needs a little bit of stress relief though, and Jan Hoyt came to my rescue. I came home today from running around picking up things for the house, setting up my cell phone, and buying groceries to find these delicious treats sitting on my porch. Not only did she give me chocolate, but she also invited me to stamp! Thank you Jan for everything! You are a life saver.


  1. awww to sweet!! Glad you are settling in.

  2. Aren't Demos the WORLD over the best - how fab is that - I wanna move near you too now!!! RachelB UK


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