Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Punch Inspiration

You all know me and my punches......I love to use them to create new and different punch art. But Jonia over at Stampin for Me reminded me just how awesome our punches can be to create exactly what they were made for! This card is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and for those that are following our moving saga....well today I'm on a plane headed to the states. We land around 6PM Central time and will finally get to see our new house this evening! I'm sure I'm going to be jet lagged and the kids and the pets will be whining, but I want you to know that my internet will be hooked up tomorrow. So, hopefully blog finds and the weekend stamper won't lag too far behind! Thank you for all your patience while my family and I try and get settled into our new life!

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  1. Kelly I just was looking at your blog and saw this and though, how did I miss this before! Thanks for wonderful post. You are awesome girl!


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