Friday, March 25, 2011

But wait....there is more!

Not only did I get to go to Jan's library class last week, but I was also adopted into her downline meetings. Talk about a great group of ladies. They welcomed me with open arms. It was a huge change from the downline meetings we had in Germany. Usually it was just Sara and I stamping into the middle of the night. This meeting had ten of us I think! (Jan did say that was bigger than usual, but anything more than two seems huge to me!). We made a couple of cards there. And Jan, being the ever respectful stamper that she is, made sure I knew who to give the design credit to. This first card we made was a case from Monika over at Add a Little Dazzle. Jan did change up the metal sheet colors though, so I think that makes it an adaptation instead of an out and out CASE, but I could be wrong! :)

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  1. Beautiful Kelly and so happy you have "new friends" to share time with!


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