Saturday, March 12, 2011

My MOM's birthday card

It's a good thing that I was invited to this card class a couple days ago. My Mom's birthday is coming up the 25th of March, and after all the money I spent on a new car, washer and dryer, and furniture I barely had the money for a stamp, let alone a gift. Luckily this super cool melted ribbon flower card was one of our projects. I'm sure Mom will love it, and I can pretend that I was planning on giving it to her all along....Shhhhh, don't tell her :)


  1. I totally understand ... I'm still feeling the effect from moving back to the US after being overseas for 10 payment and washer/dryer payments really

  2. beautiful!! How did you do this technique? I have never heard of melted ribbon technique before.

  3. Beautiful card! Love the flower and the layout. How did you do that? Your so talented. Glad I found this post. Thanks!


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