Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I got to stamp yet again!!!

How lucky am I? Last week, my stamping Angel Jan Hoyt invited me to stamp with her group at the library. We made some amazing cards! And of course, as always, I am going to share them here on my blog. This first card is absolutely gorgeous. I love the black and red combo. And of course that little butterfly makes it so cute. How could anyone say no, to that little guy? This card is going to Jay's new 1st grade teacher. I've never seen that boy so fired up about school before. He can't stop talking about Mrs. Prather, so I know it is all because of her. Now if we could just get him as excited about doing homework as he is about going to school!


  1. Very nice! Is the black embossed on card stock or a metal sheet? It has a shine to it in the photo.

  2. the card is great but I just saw your new picture...You look absolutely fabulous - congratulations on your success so far and how much longer you are going....


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