Friday, January 10, 2014

Halloween Teacher Treats

So, I couldn't just send the mummys to school for the kids without sending something for Jay's teachers. They are such great people, and I really do appreciate how much they work with him and the other 29 students in his class.

I had seen several of these curly paper wreaths on other peoples blogs, but hadn't made one myself. Most of the ones I saw online were made using the styrofoam wreath forms, but those things are expensive! I'm not a cheapskate by any means, but since I was making five of these, I thought there had to be a better way......

Cardboard! Nothing said the wreath had to be three dimensional, and with the curly paper to fill it out, you can't even tell these are just flat circles of cardboard unless you look at the back. I hadn't really used the Halloween Washi tape from Stampin' Up! yet, and of course, I had to put my favorite thing, punch art on there as well.

I thought they turned out adorable, and by the thank-you notes I received, the teachers thought so too!

Another bonus about this project, it is the perfect busy work project you can think of. Once you have the paper strips cut, it was just a matter of curling them with my bone folder and using glue dots to stick them onto the cardboard. I answer phones all day for my "real" job, so I just sat there curling and sticking away while talking on the phone. It made the day and the project go much faster!

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