Friday, January 17, 2014

November Rocks!!!

I love November....maybe because it is full of Fall weather (my absolute favorite time of year) and the color orange (my absolute favorite color) and FOOD!

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays ever, but if you ask me, even better is the day after Thanksgiving. What is it about Thanksgiving leftovers that tastes so much better the second time around?

Anyway, to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, Jay asked me to make Turkey's to take to school. I found a few ideas on the web, but nothing that really struck my fancy, so I took the best parts from several of them and mashed them all together in my own version of a punch art turkey treat.

I think they turned out pretty cute, and even though I am sure most of them didn't make it home without getting their legs ripped off.....Jay insists the kids enjoyed them!

Oh, and something important I learned this year that is definitely worth sharing. I used to buy large bags of M&Ms and sort them by color to make sure I had the right ones, but this year, on a whim I found a huge bag of Reese's Pieces......They definitely are fall colors....and no sorting involved!

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