Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CASEing The Good, The Bad, and The filling?

My husband is having a fit. You see, I have two computers and between them I have over a Terabyte of storage (for you non-computer literate people that is 1000 GB). I am running out of room. I keep finding these cute cards and scrapbook pages online either through my LateNightStampers group, Splitcoaststampers, or just random blog surfing. I don't want to lose the idea, so I save the picture to my computer. Start to see the problem? Last night I was trying to run a program from work on my computer and got an error stating that I had no memory left to run the program. My husband doesn't understand. His question was "Why do you have all this stuff?". When I told him it was for inspiration and to copy from he asked "So how many of these cards have you actually made?" Ummmm, I had to admit at that point that of the thousands of cards I have stored I have only actually CASED 3. Yes, you read that right, 3. So, here is my new challenge, for the next several posts I will only post cards that I have CASED from someone whose picture is stored on my computer. Since these have been stored for a while I may or may not have the original artists information. So.....I apologize if I have CASEd your card and not given you credit. Let me know and I will be happy to update my post with your name as the idea owner. So...One to my newest CASE.

This card was cased from someone (she goes by SpeedyStamper) on my Late Night Stamper group. She made it for the 3D flower challenge. You can see the original card here (if you are a member. If not, go ahead and sign up!). It is a pretty simple card once you cut out all the flowers. The flowers are from the Basket and Blooms die. I am going to be using this as a Make N Take for a Mother's Day workshop I am doing. I like the red, but I am taking lots of colors so Everyone can choose which one they would like to do. Which color would you choose?


  1. I have my own computer just for that reason. I save tons of stuff for inspiration, color combos etc. but I seldom go back and look at them because there is always something better the next day. LOL

  2. Guilty of this too. Enough that I now have an external hard-drive simply to store works of inspiration. I save them with the artist's name and stamp set so it is easy to cross reference when I go back.

  3. Kelly,
    I am i the same boat as you. I save cards and then don't go back to use them all. That is a good idea and maybe I should try it. I really like the card and would love to see it in Perfect Plum.

  4. What a beautiful card. Why do we do this to ourselves. I have gotten into a habit of making the projects I like writing the recipe and then deleting it off my computer...Good Luck!

  5. Kelly, I do the same thing. I now group them in sets of 9, save into one PDF and it saves me some room without having to sacrifice the ideas. I posted this morning in more detail but it isn't here. I love your card and have lot's of those left over. I'll have to try them on a card. Thanks!

  6. I email everything to myself and keep files through my email on cards and pages! so far so good. I love that bow! I always try it and can't get it to look so good! Great Case!!


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