Monday, May 4, 2009

My Favorite- The Orange Card

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry. I think my camera was having an issue with the brightness of this card! This is definately a bright one, but it is my favorite. Probably because orange is my favorite color. I used the Smart cookie stamps on this card as well. I think that is the first time I've ever used them. It's about time I get them out of the box!


  1. It must be Spring we all are looking at summer stamp set. I need to dust this set off as well. Great set of cards.

  2. Hello Blogging Star Sister...I wish I would have bought this set with the sayings...Super Cute!

  3. I love orange, too! That color can brighten anyone's day!!

  4. Hi Kelly!! This is super cute!! ! It looks like quite a few of us Bloggin' sisters are in the tour too!! yay! On another note...My brother in law is in Germany too! Do you love it there? I can't wait to visit Germany some day! What branch is your husband in?

  5. Kelly,
    I love the cards and the case. What a cute idea. Glad we are in the group together.

  6. Kelly -
    I checked out all your fruit cards. Great ideas. I bought that set last year and didn't do anything but make popcicles with them! Time to dust off that set again.
    I look forward to visiting your site often. My son was over in Germany three summers ago with the Air National Guard. He enjoyed all the sightseeing trips immensely! Debbie


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